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SORRIS 3D-6 (Creality Ender 6) 3D Printer

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The SORRIS 3D-6 is created by Creality and comes with a few extra features compared to the Creality Ender 6.
  • The machine's acrylic outer cover now features a transparent color instead of the previous transparent blue.
  • The 8 blue corners of the device have been switched to black.
  • A WIFI box has been integrated into the machine.
  • A camera has been added to the machine.
  • Updates have been made to the equipment system, equipment appearance, packaging, slicing software, and customer logo.
  • The machine is now equipped with a VDE Power Supply.
Note: This 3D printer comes as a semi-assembled kit. Easy-to-setup assembling process will take 30-90 minutes depending on the user's ability. Customer/User is responsible for assembling the printer and Seller will provide technical assistance when required.

The highlights on Ender-6 include stable core-XY structure, optional enclosed chamber structure, self-developed silent motherboard, and more. Ender-6 is by far the most capable 3D printer in the Ender series as it is a real beast both in precision and speed.

Ender-6 Multiplies the Printing Speed to 3 Times, No way!
The Ender-6 is utilizing a core-XY motion system in its cube-shaped structure. Different from motion systems on Delta 3D printers and Cartesian 3D printers, the core-XY mechanism is having a bottom-to-top moveable print bed, and utilizing two stepper motors to drive the motion in X-axis and Y-axis. The print head will move in specific directions depending on which way the stepper motor is spinning, greatly reducing vibrations and weight the printer has to bear during motion. In this way, the printing goes at a higher speed without sacrificing quality.
Based on numerous tests, Ender-6 can reach up print speed to 150mm/s, which is 3 times faster than other Ender series members and its competitors.

Ender-6 Keeps Precision Record at ±0.1mm
“Ender-6 is such a workhorse that is capable of printing at higher speed without sacrificing printing precision. We are noticing that users are pursuing larger print sizes, higher precision, multicolor, or multi-materials, and more. We are thinking about integrating some advantages to one product achieving the best value of money, so Ender-6 is born,” said George Deng, the senior product engineer from Creality.

Ender-6 is utilizing a Bowden extruder which ensures a stable filament transmission through a PTFE tube to the nozzle. As the stepper motor is fixed, the total weight of the hotel is so light that it won’t result in overshooting and vibrations during the motion of the print head. In this way, Ender-6 significantly reduces imperfections on the print.

Moreover, Ender-6 is guaranteed with Creality self-developed silent motherboard. The Germany-imported TMC motion controller guarantees precise motion control and premium printing experience in silence. Based on data from Creality Research Institute, Ender-6 keeps its precision records at ±0.1mm while multiplying the print speed to 3 times.

Outstanding in Appearance and More than That
Ender-6 revamps with a new look— an integrated all-metal chamber body and strong Creality-blue corner connectors, making the machine appear in quite an exquisite appearance.

Furthermore, Creality provides another option for users who have requirements in printing a wider range of filaments. Ender-6 will be available in two versions, the one in open structure and the other with Acrylic plates in an enclosed structure. With Acrylic plates added on the four sides of the printer, Ender-6 will do better in preserving temperature within the print area, which will extend the filament choice from PLA to ABS, TPU, and more. Meanwhile, the transparent plates can still allow real-time monitoring of the 3D printing process from 360° all around.

Utilizing the Carborundum glass platform as it hotbed, it stresses a sense of elegance on this machine. More importantly, the superior heat resistance and thermal conductivity of the hotbed greatly improves heating efficiency and bed adhesion, which will result in exact smoothness even on the first layer of the prints.

The 4.3in HD color touch screen looks neat and exquisite on Ender-6. Moreover, the new user interface can provide users with simple and intuitive navigation in multi-languages. Users can get all information needed including print process, function overview, parameter settings, and more.

Ender-6 becomes such a powerful workhorse in the Ender series as it has inherited strengths from its predecessors and taken in new breakthroughs. It shall be an utmost choice for professionals, hobbyists, beginners, and everyone else to enjoy premium-quality 3D printing right out of the box. 

Mechanics: CoreXY
Frame: 2020 and 2040 profiles
Linear motion: V-wheels
Printing speed: up to 150 mm/s
Build volume: 250x250x400 mm
Machine size: 495x495x650 mm
Power supply:
Extruder: Bowden
Build platform: Cantilever bed
Stock accuracy: 0.1 mm
Layer height with stock nozzle: 0.1-0.4 mm
Control display: 4.3″ touch screen
Stepper drivers: TMC2208
Silent operation: Yes
Filament runout sensor: Yes
Printing resume function: Yes
ABL function: N/A
Print surface: Carborundum glass
Enclosure option: Yes, semi-enclosed with acrylic sheets

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