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Anycubic Kobra 2 3D Printer

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Note: This 3D printer comes as a semi-assembled kit. Easy-to-setup assembling process will take 30-90 minutes depending on the user's ability. Customer/User is responsible for assembling the printer and Seller will provide technical assistance when required.

● 5X Faster, 250mm/s Maximum Print Speed
● LeviQ 2.0 Auto-leveling, Smart Z-Offset
● Upgraded Extrusion & Cooling System, Rapid Prints Shaping

Modular assembly in 5 easy steps

The Kobra 2 has a Cartesian structure and is assembled in a modular way. The FDM/FFF printer consists of the following 5 parts: Frame, base, filament holder, print head and touch screen. Assembling the parts is incredibly easy and, depending on your skill, can be done in as little as 10 minutes.

Fast, faster, Anycubic Kobra 2

The Anycubic Kobra 2 is even 5 times faster compared to other 3D printers that work at a normal printing speed of 50 mm/s! The printer impresses with a maximum print speed of 250 mm/s, recommended print speed of 150 mm/s and acceleration of an incredible 2500 mm/s²! This allows you to save on models of the same size even at recommended print speed even up to 70% of the printing time!

Efficient Dual-Gear Direct Drive Extruder for High Precision

The Kobra 2 is equipped with an improved extrusion system to increase its efficiency and deliver more precise results. The powerful extruder reaches up to 60 watts and melts filament at incredible speeds, ensuring excellent flowability and smooth filament delivery.

Improved cooling system

An improved cooling system design allows the Kobra 2's fan to reach an unbeatable speed of up to 7000 rpm (revolutions per minute). This way, the printed models are cooled down faster without unsightly layers or warping.

Dynamic structure for high stability

The extraordinary stability of the Kobra 2 is ensured by a metal double lead screw and by robust SG15 bearings. This not only makes printing more consistent, but the printer also shows better wear resistance.

Stable double leadscrew

The z-axis of the Kobra 2 has a double leadscrew, which ensures that resistance is reduced during printing. This ensures beautiful printing results even at higher speeds.

LeviQ 2.0 Auto-Levelling with Intelligent Z-Offset

Anycubic has once again optimised its auto-leveling system (over 25 points) - this time to LeviQ 2.0. The system is additionally completed with modular and intelligent z-offset without manual adjustment. The z-offset can be individually adjusted for different printing requirements and thus responds to different wishes and printing needs of the user:

Note: Due to the unpredictable delivery route, z-offset deviations may occur. Make sure you adjust the z-offset accordingly before use.

4.3-inch colour LCD touchscreen

The user-friendly 4.3-inch colour LCD touchscreen has comprehensive features and settings that make your printing experience straightforward.

Magnetic PEI spring steel plate

The Kobra 2 is equipped with a magnetic spring steel plate. When it is bent slightly, printed models detach from the build plate easily and by themselves. After detaching the model, the build plate "pops" back to its original position.

Useful functions:

► Filament run-out sensor for automatic detection of running out of filament;

► Resume Printing function to automatically resume printing in the event of an unforeseen power failure.

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