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Bosch BMP280 Barometric Pressure Altitude Sensor Module [Bosch]


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ParameterTechnical data
Operation range (full accuracy)Pressure: 300...1100 hPa
Temperature: -40…85°C
Absolute accuracy
p = 950…1050hPa
(Temperature = 0…+40°C)
~ ±1 hPa
Relative absolute accuracy
p = 950…1050hPa
± 0.12 hPa (typical)
equivalent to ±1 m
Average current consumption (1 Hz data refresh rate)2.74 μA, typical
(ultra-low power mode)
Average current consumption in sleep mode0.1 μA
Average measurement time5.5 msec
(ultra-low power preset)

Supply voltage VDDIO

Supply voltage VDD

Module Supply voltage

1.2 ... 3.6 V

1.71 ... 3.6 V


Resolution of dataPressure: 0.01 hPa( < 10 cm)
Temperature: 0.01° C
Temperature coefficient offset
(+25°…+40°C @900hPa)
± 0.12 hPa (typical)
equivalent to ±1 m
InterfaceI²C and SPI
Package dimensions8-Pin LGA with metal
2.0 x 2.5 x 0.95 mm³


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