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TB6612FNG I2C Dual Motor Driver Shield Module for WeMos D1 mini


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I2C interface.

Power supply voltage: VM=15V max.

Output current: Iout=1.2A(average) / 3.2A (peak).

Standby control to save power.

CW/CCW/short brake/stop motor control modes.

VM: Motor Power Supply +
GND: Motor Power Supply -

A1: Motor A
A2: Motor a

B2: Motor B
B1: Motor B

S: Stand by control port (In io mode)

1. Stanby control mode

- I2C mode: Control TB6612's STBY with I2C protocol

- IO mode: Control TB6612's STBY with "S" pin

2. Shield reset mode

- short: reset with d1 mini (reset at power on or press d1 mini's reset button)

- open: reset by "DTR" pin.

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