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Cloudray CR Series CR90 90-100W CO2 Laser Tube

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Included: Tube only. (Mount and parts are not included)

Package and Delivery: It is packed inside a wooden box as shown in the photos. We guarantee safe delivery.

* For professional users only.

* 6 Month limited warranty (Starts from the date of delivery).


  • Model: Cloudray CR90, C90
  • Rated Power: 90W
  • Max Power: 100W
  • Length: 1250mm
  • Diameter: 80mm
  • Catalyze: Yes
  • Life Span: 

Attention: Warranty Limitations

Please be aware that the warranty for this product is exclusively applicable to authorized agents and authorized customers of the Zenix Store. If you do not fall into the category of an authorized person, please note that there is no warranty coverage provided. In such cases, you proceed at your own risk, and we cannot accept any responsibility for any issues or consequences that may arise.

We strongly emphasize that only authorized individuals should utilize this product. Unauthorized use may void any warranties, and any associated risks and liabilities will solely be assumed by the user.

For any further inquiries or clarification regarding warranty coverage and authorized usage, please contact the Zenix Store's customer service team.

Limited Warranty Activation Guidelines:
To activate the warranty for this product, please adhere to the following conditions. This item is intended for installation exclusively in professionally constructed machines and should be carried out by an authorized individual. In order to activate your warranty, kindly submit a video showcasing the complete machine, including the wiring, sensors, and cooling system. Our technical team will carefully review the video to determine eligibility for warranty coverage. It is strongly advised to strictly adhere to the prescribed procedure; failure to do so may result in the absence of warranty coverage.

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