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StarFire SF-2100S 2 Axis Plasma CNC Controller (Plate only)

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1. The cutting machine CNC system is suitable for all kinds of portable flame/plasma cutting machines, and various advertising,
stone and other small desktop cutting machines.
2. The system is designed with high reliability, with plasma interference, lightning protection and surge capacity.
3. Practical flame/plasma cutting process.
4. The available wireless remote control to realize the long-distance operation.
5. Breakpoints recovery, electrical recovery function of the automatic, automatic breakpoint memory.
6. Any choosing passage and perforation point processing function, it can be arbitrary line escapement in machining.

Precautions for use:
1. After the package is opened, please check whether the system is damaged during transportation. The contents listed on the packing list are consistent with the contents of the box.
2. This manual is applicable to the CNC system of SF-2100S-QG cutting machine produced by Beijing Star Peak Control Technology Co., Ltd.
3. Please check if the grid voltage is correct. An AC220V isolation transformer is used between the grid and the system to ensure reliable system operation and personnel safety.
4. The numerical control system requires the working environment temperature to be 0 °C ~ +40 °C, and the relative humidity is 0-85%.
Special protection is required if working in environments with high temperatures, high humidity and corrosive gases.
5. The wiring of each part of the CNC system should be correct and the ground wire should be in good contact.
6. The CNC system does not allow all the cable plugs on the rear of the chassis to be plugged and unplugged. As a result, the company refuses the warranty.
7. The line of the rear output port of the CNC system is not allowed to be short-circuited with other power lines; otherwise, the CNC will be burned.
8. In a high dust environment, the whole machine needs to be dustproof, and it is necessary to clean the dust regularly to ensure the cleaning of the CNC system.
9. The CNC system should be managed by a dedicated person and the operator should be trained.
10. It is not allowed to connect the AC/DC power supply used inside the CNC system to other appliances.
11. In case of problems, please contact us. Do not disassemble or modify the system yourself without being familiar with it.
12. Maintain the system and machine tool, perform routine maintenance and inspection once every shift; perform secondary maintenance once a month; perform primary maintenance every six months.
13. The parameters set by the CNC system should be set strictly in accordance with the instructions in this manual or the supplementary instructions at the time of ordering; if the set parameters are outside the specified range, the CNC system will work abnormally or even be damaged.
14. The LCD screen of the system is fragile, and the LCD should be protected during use.
15. The technical specifications of this system are subject to change without prior notice.
16. The USB port of the system has a small output power and can only be used by a USB flash drive. It cannot be connected to other USB devices.
System functions
SF-2100S-QG cutting machine CNC system is suitable for all kinds of flame/plasma, high-pressure water jet, laser cutting machine, widely used in metal processing, advertising, stone and other industries.
The system is highly reliable and has the ability to resist plasma interference, lightning strikes and surges.
Practical flame/plasma cutting process, automatic corner speed control, and height adjuster control during plasma processing; remote operation with wireless remote control.
It has the function of kerf compensation, and whether the compensation in the program is reasonable, and the corresponding report is made for the user to choose;
Breakpoint recovery, automatic power-off recovery function, automatic memory breakpoints;
Arbitrary selection and selection of perforation point processing functions;
It has an epitaxial perforation function for thick plates and a bridging function for thin plates;
Back-off, selection, breakpoint recovery, optional perforation position and other functions, greatly facilitate the user's control;
Transfer cutting at any time;
The special small line segment processing function is adopted, and the walking is smooth and can be widely applied to metal cutting and advertising, wrought iron, etc.;
A library of 24 graphics (expandable and customizable) containing commonly used basic machined parts;
Fully compatible with StarCAM nesting software, compatible with IBE (Germany), FASTCAM and other mainstream nesting software;
Chinese and English operation interface conversion, dynamic graphic display, 1 to 8 times of graphic magnification, automatic tracking of moving points, U disk reading program and timely software upgrade.
Technical indicators
Processor: industrial grade ARM processing chip;
Display: 7-inch color LCD display with a resolution of 800*480;
Input / Output: The system provides 13 optically isolated inputs, 8 optically isolated outputs, of which 4 relay outputs;
Number of linkage axes: 2 axes, (can be driven by X-axis bilateral or Y-axis bilaterally)
Maximum speed: not less than 24 m / min;
Pulse equivalent: flexible adjustment;
Storage space: 4G large user program storage capacity, processing procedures are not limited;
Chassis size: 298 × 202 × 65 (mm);
Working temperature: 0 ° C ~ +40 ° C; storage temperature : -40 ° C ~ +60 ° C ;
Function word definition:
  • N command segment number
  • G preparation function
  • M auxiliary function
  • T tool function (in this system is the flame width)
  • L cycle number, delay time
  • X X axis (diameter) absolute coordinates
  • Y Y axis absolute coordinates
  • I When the arc is machined, the center coordinate value is reduced by the X axis starting point value.
  • When the arc is machined, the center coordinate value is reduced by the Y axis start value.
  • R arc radius specification
  • H arc string height specification
  • A auxiliary variable
  • F machining speed specification for G01, G02, G03
Parameter Description:
Speed ​​parameter - Starting speed, adjustment time and maximum speed limit of each axis;
System parameters - Electronic gear ratio of each axis, machine origin, reference point, backlash, line offset, soft positive/negative limit;
Flame cutting parameters - Ignition delay, preheating delay, cutting gun up/down delay, perforating torch up/down, piercing delay, etc.
Plasma parameter - Cutting gun positioning delay, M command for arcing, M command for arc breaking, arc pressure detection selection, positioning detection selection, piercing delay;
Control parameter - Flame/plasma selection, processing speed limit, edge perforation selection, metric/imperial selection, etc.
Storage function - The modified parameters are stored in the parameter area.
Press the S key continuously to select the external manual control button to select whether it is valid or invalid.

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