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Note: This 3D printer comes as a DIY kit. Easy-to-setup assembling process will take 30-90 minutes depending on the user's ability. Customer/User is responsible for assembling the printer and Seller will provide technical assistance when required.

Attention: Only buy this product if you have a technical background or/and if you love making stuff. Because this product is a DIY Kit and this is not an assembled machine. 

BIQU is a brand of BIGTREETECH, a very well-known manufacturer for 3D printer mainboards and upgrades components such as various TMC stepper drivers and TFT touchscreens.

Now they have gathered their many years of knowledge and experience in the 3D printer industry and combined everything in the BIQU B1 - a 3D printer especially for DIY upgrades.

BTT SKR V1.4 32-bit mainboard

The BIQU B1 contains a SKR V1.4 32-bit mainboard from BIGTREETECH, which is a very popular and well-known upgrade. The integrated mainboard is very stable and supports a lot of connections and interfaces for upgrades and tuning such as WIFI, dual Z-axis etc.

Upgraded Adapter Board

The additional upgradable board is a very convenient feature for anyone who wants to upgrade their printer further. The B1 has a USB-C connection, dedicated port and holder for the Antclabs BLTouch upgrade or connection for the Smart Filament Sensor from BIGTREETECH.

BTT TFT35 V3.0 touchscreen

The TFT35 is also a popular upgrade for many makers, as it has many advantages such as:

  • Different print modes
  • Dual operating system (Marlin and BIQU touch mode)
  • Data monitoring
  • 15 different languages
  • Different lighting

BIQU SSS (Super Spring Steel)

The magnetic steel plate is a new innovation from BIQU. It adheres magnetically to the platform and can be easily removed after printing. The finished printout can be removed easily and safely by slightly bending the plate.

The steel plate has a special coating to ensure very good adhesion to the build plate.

In addition, the steel plate can be used on both sides - doubling the service life!

Other features:

  • Filament sensor
  • Hotend lighting in different colours
  • Build volume of 235 x 235 x 270 mm
  • Resume print function
  • Very quiet TMC 2225 Stepper Drivers
  • Open source firmware


Printer Name


Printing Size

235 x 235 x 270mm

Molding Tech


Nozzle Quantity


Layer Thickness

0.1mm - 0.3mm

Nozzle Diameter

Standard 0.4mm

Printing Accuracy




Slicing Format


Connecting Method

Via data cable / TF card / USB

Slicing Compatible

With Cura / Repetier-Host / Simplify 3D

Rated Voltage

100 - 120V / 200 - 240V  50 / 60 HZ

Output Voltage


Rated Power


Max Temp of Hot Bed


Max Temp of Nozzle


OS Compatible

With Win 7 / Win 10

Max Printing Speed


Normal Printing Speed


Language Transform



1. Printing Area: 235 * 235 * 270MM

2. BTT SKR V1.4 32bit Motherboard

3. BIQU SSS (Spring Steel Sheet )

4. Dual Operation System (BTT TFT35 V3.0, marlin & touch work modes)

5. TMC Driver

6. Type C Connect (both sides can be used, more convenient)

7. Adapter Board etc. (Bltouch module interface, BTT Smart Filament Sensor interface etc.(without Bltouch and BTT SFS)

8. Filament Runout Detection

  1. Resume Printing

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